How can you grow without Sunlight?

Plants need light, be that sunlight or artificial light; plants don't need sun.  More specifically plants need particular combinations of the sunlight's spectrum, or certain frequencies of light that can be provided by various forms of light technology.  


How can you grow without Soil?

Plants need water and nutrients, and while those items are generally in the form of "soil", our aquaculture-based growth technology allows for our plants to not only grow, but thrive, in our "soil-less" environment.  The plants get the best of both worlds, readily available water and nutrients without the exposure to pesticides, weather and the other risks of traditional farming.


How can you grow without pesticides?

Pesticides are a necessary component of traditional farming because of the presence of "pests"; remove the presence of pest and you subsequently eliminate the need for pesticides.  Each of Vertical Innovations' facilities will be structured to create not only the optimum environment for plant growth, but equipped with control systems to inhibit to the maximum extent the ability of pest life cycles from developing.   By controlling every aspect of what gets into and what comes out of Vertical Innovations' facilities, we will never need to use pesticides on our products.


Do you offer tours of the facility?

Vertical Innovations will not be offering tours of our facilities.  It is critically important that we maintain the optimum controlled growing environment and we have to reduce the number of variables that are exposed to the system.


Do you have plans for additional facilities?

As part of our effort to revolutionize agriculture and provided the freshest, pesticide-free, non-GMO product to the masses, we will be working to develop projects in new markets.  Currently, Vertical Innovations is a privately held company, but we are always looking for individuals and companies that fit our mission and goals to partner on future project farms.  If you or your organization would be interested in working to help foster these additional markets and help speed up the process, please contact Vertical Innovations here.  


How can I support Vertical Innovations?

The best way to support Vertical Innovations is to spread the word about our efforts.  Please like us on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and share our videos with the world.   


What makes your product special?

Based on our growth environment, Vertical Innovations' product will be pesticide-free.  Additionally, we will only work with seed suppliers who will never use genetically modified seeds, therefore, our product will always be Non-GMO.   While not "organic", we will maintain the highest of standards to ensure that only the best possible product is provided to our customers.